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It is safer and more reliable for us to use ships and ships to find the yachts.


Weihai Zhong Chang yacht Co., Ltd located in Weihai China.We are comprehensive company specialized in Yacht,boat,SUP and accessories design, R & D, production, sale and after sale service.                             


Our company have strong independent research and produce ability because of professional designers,engineers,technicians and excellent workers.And have been active in market for more than 10 years.           


With the principle "innovation" and "honesty", keep improving in design,technology and quality.Offering high quality and competitive price products for customers all around the world.                                      


 Feel free to contact us if you have any need. Hope to build successful business relationship with you.


Our company specializes in producing rubber boats, inflatable boats, FRP yachts, surfboards, fishing boats, drifting boats, banana boats, and other aquatic entertainment products



More secure and more reliable!

Rotary valve

The use of rotary valve is convenient, safe and reliable

High intensity

The material of inflatable boat is high strength PVC net cloth (0.9MM1000D/PVC or 1.2MM1400D/PVC). It has high air tightness, excellent abrasion resistance, long life and UV protection.

The special material has high color fastness and the color of the cloth face for a long time, and the special wear-resistant double color protective fender is used to make the hull durable.

High color fastness of special materials

Anti aging

The material is produced by PVC raw material, adding antiaging agent and resisting the ultraviolet and weathering capacity for more than 5 years

Resistance to wind and waves

The ship is fully inflated with inflatable keels under the deck of the ship to ensure that the ship has excellent speed and stability.

Light weight

The whole ship is made of light cloth, and the floor is also assembled and designed, so the weight is light. Each ship is equipped with a ship bag, and it is more convenient to carry after releasing the gas.

Convenient assembly

Each ship can be assembled and inflated for 10 minutes, convenient and fast.

Small volume

The ship, which is released after air, can be folded and smaller, and the trunk of the car in the ship's bag can be installed easily.

Easily repair

In use, if there is an inadvertent break of the hull, it can be quickly repaired with the glue and patch equipped with the ship, and the operation is simple.

Dynamic optional

The ship optional outboard machine, hanging on the stern, extremely convenient installation and disassembly.


Our company specializes in producing rubber boats, inflatable boats, FRP yachts, surfboards, fishing boats, rafting boats, banana boats and other aquatic entertainment products, mainly for government agencies to carry out maritime missions, and many individuals for entertainment. A rubber boat is used for life, leisure and patrols.


Understand the real time dynamic grasp the business opportunity

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